The lab’s publications can be found at under Falk BW.
The following are a selected few of the most recent publications.


Kuo, YW., Bednarska, A., Al Rwahnih, M., Falk B.W. 2022. Development Of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens Infiltration Of Infectious Clones Of Grapevine Geminivirus A Directly Into Greenhouse-Grown Grapevine And Nicotiana Benthamiana Plants. Phytopathology.

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Citrograph Magazine – ACP Are Full of Viruses. Can We Use Them Against HLB?

Scientia – Fighting Plant Disease with Virus-based Gene Technology

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and P9, are indispensable for efficient Lettuce infectious yellows virus infectivity in plants. Viruses 10:459.

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